LSA Accessories

A leader in glassware, tableware, decorative home accessories and gifts, LSA International is favoured by stylists from prestigious consumer titles all around Europe.

Hugo Boss Bedding

Hugo Boss is not only a leader of Men’s and Women’s Clothing, but also a designer of luxury bedding. When searching for bed items, you will find exquisite design with the line of Hugo Boss luxury bedding sets as you do with apparel.

Cavalli Wallpapers

Adding to your spaces a touch of wall treatment using our selection of precious wallpapers designed by famous haute couture designers, such as Roberto Cavalli Home.

Soft Fabric & Materials

We use our soft fabric and material for windows and walls covering to personalize a tailor made space at the service of your mood.

Retail & Business Spaces

A valuable product need to be displayed in attractive way helping in catching the clientèle. This is where we put our knowing how to improve your retails and business spaces

Retail Shops

We design retail shops and showrooms to enhance the way of displayed products using matching materials all in the benefit of your sales target.

Expertise at Living Space

Expertise at Living Space, have been greatly achieved over a large array of services, constantly delivered by our professional workforce, who uses the best of contemporary technologies available, to create timeless interiors of the highest standards in fashion and style.


Due to our LARGE EXPERIENCE in designing and manufacturing furniture for the HOSPITALITY SECTOR, we assure to create different component on different levels of HOTELS to accommodate activities from BUSINESS, LEISURE to WELLNESS CLUBS and SPA.

Classic & Contemporary Furniture

We manufacture classic and contemporary furniture to be used in private waiting or living rooms where those areas are giving first impression of your activities.


Working at home or at public areas we provide different range of practical office furniture from executive to all levels taking into consideration all required component.

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