Ocean Plaza 6Pcs Tumbler


Ocean Plaza 6Pcs Tumbler 

Serve your guests iced tea, water or home-made juice with this Plaza Hi-ball Glass Set which is designed by Ocean. Boasting a clear body that is made from high quality glass for durability, each piece lets you see when the level of drink goes down. These glasses feature wide openings that make it easy to add more ice cubes while offering plenty of room to stir sweetener and avoiding spillage.

Type: Glass Set

Glass Type: Multipurpose

Capacity: 320 ml | Pack of: 6

Material: Glass

Construction: Fine Glass

Height: 150 mm

Diameter: 76 mm

Capacity: 405 ml (14 1/4oz)

Cleaning/Care: Hand wash with mild detergent

Origin: Thailand

Packing: 6/6

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