Hydrea London Cactus Body Brush Dry Skin

Hydrea London Cactus Body Brush Dry Skin

Hydrea Professional hair brush with body hair Cactus

PurposeOne of the biggest sellers of The Natural Sea Sponge Company, the Hydrea London skin Dry Cactus Body Brush is perfect for exfoliating even the toughest areas of the skin. Made from the finest FSC-certified Beechwood, the brush combines high quality materials with excellent craftsmanship for a product you can be proud of. CareTap skin Hydrea London Cactus Dry spine brush body after use to remove debris. Wash in hot, soapy water. Rinse well and let it air dry naturally with hair down. Why is it worksThe skin Hydrea London Cactus Dry Thorn Body Brush is designed for frequent and professional use in both wet and dry environments. Its ultra-stiff cactus bristles allow the brush to target the feet, back and shoulders with ease to remove all impurities and dirt. Ergonomically designed with a strap, the brush allows you to be firm, without fear of loss of grip and allows for convenience and extended use.


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