Guzzini Flat pack water bottle Ripples



Flat pack water bottle Ripples

  • sizes: 14,8 x 3 x h21 cm

Imagine if laptops and iPads were long and cylindrical. How uncomfortable would they feel in your bag? Think of how much air you have between bottles when transported or stocked in the fridge. We were so surprised when we translated the volume of half a litre to A5 dimension of how thin it is. What is the problem with a flat page of a bottle? Probably the flimsiness, if the plastic is thin enough it would inflate with the water. A good solution would be to introduce structural waves, even better would be to sculpt ripples into the page... and better still would be to make the ripples stack with each other. So now the answers to all these questions is the ‘Ripples’ stacking A5 sized water bottles, not a wasted space between them and no complaints from the mini iPad and other contents of your bag!


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