Carolina Herrera launches a new feminine perfume, Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême, a tribute to our most irreverent personality.

Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême is the most irresistible Good Girl fragrance to date. With its daring formula, which questions perfumery rules, this new feminine scent invites us to stand up against the established order.

Suprême reinvents the emblematic contrast of lights and shadows that made the first Good Girl scent (2016) an instant hit with an explosive formula that redefines the iconic Carolina Herrera’s flower: Jasmine.

Infused with the exuberance of Berries and an overdose of Tonka Bean, these white flowers show their naughtiest side. Tonka Beans exude an opulent sensuality; Berries radiate an intense juiciness. When the delicate and bright bouquet of Egyptian Jasmine meets the darkness of this irreverent duo, the blend becomes iconoclastic. This harmonious opposition encourages us to push the boundaries.

“Good Girl is a tribute to our duality, to our lights and shadows. Being conscious of our versatility makes us stronger. We will only truly be ourselves when we embrace all our facets, including our irreverence. Sometimes it is necessary to break the rules”, states Carolina A. Herrera, creative director of Beauty. “Our naughtiest side is powerful and seductive. I have wanted to create a scent that would reconnect us with our rebellious self for a long time: because It’s so good to be Bad!”. Good Girl Eau de ParfumSuprême is the result.

The opulent Suprême formula captures our chameleonic personality. This Oriental Gourmand, which incorporates exquisite ingredients and an avant-garde structure, reinvents its olfactory family.

At the top, Berries stress our mischievousness. “Their gourmand character is very evocative and takes us back to our childhood”, Louise Turner, the perfumer, describes. 

The aphrodisiac personality of Egyptian Jasmine at the heart, is highlighted by the musky nuance of Berries. It is the first time this variety of Jasmine, famous by its intensity, is included in a Carolina Herrera scent.

This emblematic duo seduces heightened by the creamy textures of Tonka Beans, which lie at the bottom. Suprême includes the highest proportion of Tonka Beans –a warm accord– ever incorporated in a Good Girl scent. This component intertwines with another ingredient traditionally used in masculine fragrances: Vetiver. This element instantly sublimates and gives a modern twist to the final formula making. “It is very elegant and evokes the bubbles in champagne; it gives the fragrance a lift”, say the perfumers. The infusion of this unique duo gives a modern twist to the olfactory category of Oriental floral perfumes

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